KaBu & Co Team

Ryan Roth

Founder & CEO

Ryan was previously the CEO of a large architecture firm with 400 architects, in 3 countries (UK, China, Thailand) and was advising states on how to redesign cities for better living conditions, as well as owning an art gallery in Tokyo. In 2013 the Guardian/Observer called him on of the top 500 cultural influencers to watch. 

These days, if he’s not speaking at events about how to solve global issues, you’ll find him on some remote farm in the middle of nowhere or off on some little surfing or hiking adventure.

Max Glaser

Co-Founder & CTO

Max is a technology evangelist and also the Founder & CEO of, a platform that allows investors to track all their assets; be it stocks, crypto currencies, forex or real estate. He worked in Banking Technology at DB, where he covered various large scale transformation programs to help transition from just a bank using technology to a technology company. He initially began his career as a Systems Engineer & Computer Science graduate at Deutsche Telekom AG..



Our management and advisory team have over 226 years of experience in but not limited to:

  • agriculture
  • finance
  • exec management
  • law
  • e-commerce
  • logistics
  • IT
  • project management
  • robotics
  • system security
  • banking
  • hospitality
  • F&B.