Shipping & Payment Terms


Purpose: This Policy sets the framework of responsibilities and ownership throughout the shipping cycle.

Scope: All shipments generated on the Kabu&co. marketplace that requires Kabu&co. arranging logistics.


Every Seller on the KaBu & Co. website should understand that they are responsible for the quality of their products and the honest classification of their products in terms of:

       Plant identification

       Commodity grade

Seller must understand that they still own the product until it is delivered to the Buyer. The shipping terms are DDU to the Buyer (also can be termed “DAP”) or delivery duty unpaid. Duties will be the responsibility of the Buyer. Kabu&co can invoice this after the charge.

Seller is therefore responsible for quality checks and proper load preparation. If the shipment is of container size, then the Seller is responsible for the loading of the container so that any possible damage in transit can be avoided.

Seller also needs to provide all needed documentation in order that items can legally leave the country of origin as well as clear customs in the destination country of the Buyer. Kabu&co. can provide possible service providers that can assist with this, but this is a requirement for the Seller, as they are the legal Seller.

KaBu&co. is responsible to support Seller by providing quality transportation to ship the Buyer’s produce. The charges for the transport that Kabu&co. purchases will be part of the original charge to the Buyer.

If the buyer shall decide to use 'Ask for a quote' as shipping method for unsupported countries, KaBu & Co reserves the right to cancel the order in case no rate can be obtained from KaBu & Co's logistics partners.


KaBu & Co will:

·      Ensure Proper transport equipment will be procured and provided via the carriers it contracts to do the transport.

·      Be responsible to monitor carrier performance and make sure that delays are identified and information passed to Seller and Buyer.

·      Pass on any transport cost advantages to the Seller/Buyer when better rates are provided due to the larger shipping volumes of KaBu & Co.

·      KaBu & Co will also take responsibility if damage due to carrier negligence happens during transit.