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We are a community of 9 farmers. The plantation and processing house is located in the Sidikalang region. The community was established two years ago and on average our farmers have 20 years of experience in producing exceptional coffee.

The farmer group processes the cherries until the dried parchment. Then Jaka and our team from Organic Coffee Sidikalang is sending the dried parchment to Jakarta. There the beans are hulled, graded, and packaged to prepare for the journey across the ocean.


Farms and processing house are in Sidikalang region but he didn’t want to mention the exact village.

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Indonesia Sumatra Arabica Sidikalang Semi Wash Specialty Grade
Indonesia Sumatra Arabica Sidikalang Semi Wash
Farmer Group : Kelompok Tani Harapan Leader Name : Kopda Lilik Location: Sidikalang region Varieties : Single variety Sigarar Utang Process : Wet-hulled/semi wash Altitude : 1400 MASL Quality : Specialty Grade Crop Year : 2019 Moisture...
Content 1 Kilogram
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