KaBu & Co Attends WOC

KaBu & Co spilling the beans on WOC - World of Coffee Expo 2019, Berlin

Last month on the 6th-8th of June, KaBu & Co made it out to Europe’s largest Specialty Coffee trade show, also known as “World of Coffee”. I know we’re late, but better latte than never ;). I remember drinking so much coffee during those days, I don’t think I slept properly on those nights. Either that, or my brain was stimulated to the maximum, and overly excited from all the things that I learned and exchanged during WOC, which I am pleased to share with you all on this blog entry.

Before I start, KaBu & Co is an agri-tech start-up based out of Singapore, but I happen to be based in Germany, coincidently where WOC is being held this year! We definitely lucked in ;)

Every year, World of Coffee brings together the industry’s most respected experts who inspire, educate and motivate coffee professionals to reach their goals and expand their coffee knowledge. All the lecturers and presenters are carefully handpicked experts who are highly passionate about their area of expertise and have a strong ambition to share their experience and knowledge for the betterment of the industry.


Around 250 exhibitors from over 50 countries presented the latest products and innovations, accompanied by a program of lectures, tastings and interactive platforms such as the Design Lab and the Best New Product Awards. Moreover, this year, World of Coffee (WOC), will be hosting the renowned World Coffee Championships in the categories “World Latte Art”, “World Coffee in Good Spirits”, “World Cup Tasters” and “Cezve/Ibrik”.

Brought to you by the SCA (The Specialty Coffee Association), the event has more than tripled in size and stature over the last six years, growing from 3,000 visitors and 45 exhibitors to 10,945 visitors and 240+ exhibitors in just 6 years.

The backbone of World of Coffee (WOC), is the dynamic 5000 sq.m. exhibition featuring over 250 of the world’s leading coffee and Horeca industry suppliers. Europe’s largest coffee trade show is more than just a trade show – it is a festival of innovation and learning comprising of:

  • World Coffee Championships

  • The SCA’s cutting-edge lecture series

  • Two busy cupping rooms

  • A week-long social program of parties and networking events

  • The ever-popular Roaster Village

The World of Coffee is such an essential event for coffee professionals, drawing such a loyal audience from the global specialty coffee community (more than 80% of whom return year-on-year). With that in mind, who wouldn’t want to be a part of such an event? It was a great opportunity to connect to farmers, cooperatives, and roasteries - everyone from all spectrums of the coffee industry as the conference. And of course, like-minded individuals that share the same vision and mission as well as our values.

During my time in the WOC, I attended talks and panels in regards to subjects that are related to our vision and mission. I wish I could’ve been in two places at once as some talks I wanted to attend were happening at the same time, so I spent half an hour in each and stayed for the entire time for the ones that really interested me.

I will be uploading separate blogs for all the lectures and panels I attended, with feedback on each topic from KaBu & Co’s approach and perspective. If you would like to have a read, click here.

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