Everything You Know about Robusta Coffee is Wrong

What is Robusta Coffee?

Robusta coffee is a type of coffee which is made with the help of coffea canephora plant’s beans. The Robusta beans are cheaper to grow and harvest than any other coffee beans. One thing to note is despite the association with Arabica of being higher quality, and Robusta as being lower quality, it’s not always the case. Top notch specialty Robusta coffee will usually taste as good as or better than low end Arabica. However, high end Robusta isn’t widely used or available. Rather, Robusta is usually used as a filler or cost reducer.  

Positive aspects of Robusta coffee

Let us have a look at some positive aspects and benefits of Robusta coffee:

  1. Unique Flavor - The first advantage of Robusta coffee is that it has a unique taste; you get the perfect bitterness and the pure taste of real coffee. While on the other hand, coffee with Arabica beans has its own taste notes, which are not so bitter and naturally offers more sugar content.
  2. Caffeine Percentage - The next positive aspect of Robusta coffee is that it offers up to 2.7% of caffeine percentage overall, that's double the amount you get in coffee made from Arabica beans
  3. Price - The next advantage of Robusta coffee is the price. Robusta is therefore being used in many blends. Yes, you heard that right. Your favorite ‘specialty singly origin blend’ next door probably uses 10% Robusta to increase margins.



Processing methods of Robusta  

Another common misconception is that Robusta coffee always has the same bitter taste notes, which just isn’t true.

Looking at Vietnam in particular, Robusta farmers came up with a variety of ingenious ways to process Robusta for amazing taste results:

  • Honey processed – Similar to Arabica beans, Vietnamese farmers like to process their Robusta beans using a honey process. Red, yellow and black honey are the most commonly used forms of processing the beans. Honey processed Robusta provides a great base for blends, while it adds to the chocolatey and caramel taste notes.
  • Wine processed - This type of processing can also be referred to as fermented coffee or coffee that undergoes a fermentation process before becoming a coffee bean. If the natural process takes about two weeks of drying, then the wine coffee takes 30-60 days (depending on the weather too).

Discover fine premium Robusta

As you can see, Robusta coffee is not as bad as many people deem it to be. It has its place in the coffee industry and can even compete with various Arabica coffees if processed properly. It is used in many Arabica blends by roasters who need a cheaper 'filler' in their bean profiles.

If you now feel like venturing more into the world of Robusta Coffee, check out our store and get your hands on high quality specialty Robusta processed using only the finest processing methods.



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