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There is a place in El Huila, Colombia, where rolling hills adorned with rows of coffee glisten in the misty mountain morning. A place where the elevation and diverse climate of the Andes Mountains provides the perfect terrain to grow world-class coffee. A place the locals call Campo Alegre, or “happy farm.” In El Huila, farmers have been producing some of the world’s best coffee for hundreds of years. It is in this place where, in 1870, Francisco Barrero was born. Francisco, known to his family as “Don Pacho,” and his wife Cornelia dedicated their lives to raising a family of six, and to grow the best quality coffee on their “happy farm” in Campo Alegre. 120 years later, the 3rd generation of Barrerro coffee growers is still passionate about delivering the taste of those misty mountains to your morning cup of coffee. We work hard to create healthy ecosystems and prosperity for the people and communities we serve. From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy this fresh, shade-grown, Colombian coffee.


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Colombia Arabica Huila Full Wash
Colombia El Huila Arabica Campo Alegre Full Wash
This single-origin specialty coffee grows at 1,850m, which ensures that the cherries develop at a slower rate, and are able to absorb all the sugars, and acids of the fruit, which are then transferred to the cup. Dark roast coffee with...
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