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Since we began last year this new initiative has leaped with the cooperation of the farmers to produce a better high-end grade coffee than previously. As a result, this year we were able to achieve an independent cupping score of 86.5 points. Initially, our processing till parchment is done in Toraja, after which we send the beans to our independent processing plant in Central Java for further processing and sorting. We are currently working with individual farmers within the village to also produce farmer lots. Recently we have another nearby village reach out to join our Co-operative, as they are keen to improve the quality of their coffee too. Our coffee is currently exported to the UK and the Netherlands.

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Indonesia Toraja Arabica Buntu Ledo
Indonesia Toraja Arabica Buntu Ledo Semi Wash
Grown in the highlands of Toraja this coffee was carefully processed by our 20 cooperative members. The drying is done on bamboo beds, providing optimal conditions. Through meticulous education and investment in equipment, we managed to...
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