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Agama Sustainable Coffee is an idea to bring stability in the coffee value chain. We are Indian coffee producers working on a sustainable coffee model that works for the producers, the roasters, the consumers and the environment. 

All our coffees are 100% shade grown. The uniqueness is a crafted tropical forest with a 3-tier shade that house the delicate coffee plants to produce the complex coffee beans. 

Our coffee plantations are a biodiversity hub! The plantations are planned to have jungle trees for the top cover which also produce leaf litter that serves as organic matter to the soil, fruit trees which invite animal and bird life to create rich biodiversity and commercial wood on the 2nd cover to support coffee farm during economic turmoil. Lastly, the 3rd layer acts as a temporary shade to protect the coffee plants from direct sunlight. These plants can be adjusted for more or less direct sunlight.

Our coffees are selectively hand-picked, meticulously processed, sun-dried on raised beds and patios. Our post-process facilities are clean and controlled regularly to assure long-lasting quality.

We believe in the sustainable use of earth's resources. Our coffee is a reflection of this idea. Every single gram of Agama coffee is produced with love and we hope you enjoy our work in your cup!

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India Chikmagalur Arabica Full Wash Single Origin
India Chikmagalur Arabica Full Wash Single Origin
Shade grown Indian Arabica coffee, situated in the rich biodiversity, is a reflection of the complex ecosystem within the plantation. The taste profile is led by chocolate and nutty flavors. If roasted lightly, it offers delicate peach...
Content 1 Kilogram
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