Who We Are

KaBu & Co. is the next step in global agriculture. We’d love to say it’s the future of agriculture, but it’s what it should have been a long time ago. 

We are a decentralised e-commerce marketplace which removes the middlemen and irrelevant roles in the food supply chain, which has not changed since the late 1500’s.

Through the KaBu & Co. marketplace, farmer income will increase 2-45x their current income. This is only because the middlemen have charged such high figures when they sell their crops to the next buyer, without adding any greater value. 

Our marketplace will first focus on coffee, before we work on other agriculture crops. Our aim is to become the source point for various agriculture crops. 

What We Do

While coffee is the first product that KaBu & Co. offers, the marketplace will quickly mature and move onto other crops like rice, cocoa, tea etc. 

The reason we’re starting with coffee is simply because it’s the most valuable crop  and at the same time the most in demand, with cafe culture growing internationally and cafes being the fastest growing type of F&B business.